Change in the Air

Change In the Air


As I sit down to write my thesis it is quiet in the house, the wind is still… there is “change in the air!” We wait for the spring rain as we wait for “skies of Blue, Red Roses, Too.”  We here in this part of the country are fortunate to have four seasons of change. A time to plant and a time of harvest, a time to plow and a time to rest. But wait, do we really have a time to rest? No, our world has become so affected by change. Our government, our schools, our society, even our places of worship have all changed. “Where Have All the Flowers Gone.” Why are there empty pews? Why do we see empty churches, or a church with only a few cars parked in the parking area? People say “It is going to get better,” or “Oh, it has to get better.”


My friends, may I ask you, what does our Bible say is going to take place as time draws closer for Christ’s return? Our community does not understand the change that is taking place, nor do they want to! It’s eat, drink, and be merry, Let the good times roll!


I ask myself, am I wearing holes in the knees of my jeans praying for my family and friends who do not know Christ as their Lord and Savior? Do I wear a smile or a frown when I am out in the work place? I once had an elderly lady in church tell me, “It is not proper to always have a smile on your face in church.” Then she smiled and giggled and gave me a big hug. It made me feel so good! My brothers and sisters, we need to spread more agape, not only to each other, but especially to those on the outside.


My friends, I used to watch old western movies on TV, and even some of my old school books, portrayed the preacher with a bible in one hand and a gun in the other, or at least he wore one on his hip. I am so thankful we have Pastor Daren and his family here with us at FBC. I am thankful for his compassion, love, and concern for his church family and community. So my friends, there is always going to be “change in the air.” I ask myself, how am I going to deal with it, am I strong enough to handle change? Are you? Keep a smile on your face and remember, “I am just an old simmer, saved by grace.”


Steve Jones

Spiritual Ministry Team


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