Life’s Choices

I find myself, at that point in my life, between working through choices of getting myself through the day and those of getting myself right for the day.  This time of the year for us reminds me of life’s uncertainties and that we are promised strength for each day, whatever that day brings, when we rest in the promises of our Lord.

Our choices never end from the moment we rise in the morning until we rest our head on the pillow at night.  What to wear?  What to eat? Did the laundry get put in the dryer? Do I have gas in the car?  What do I need to do first at work?  What and who do I need to address or can it wait?  What do I say – What don’t I say?  Did I get the clothes in the dryer?

Unfortunately, we may have forgotten to ask the more important questions:

Who need to hear words of encouragement?

How can I best be Jesus to someone?

How can I speak truth in honest, loving ways and how do I show Jesus’ love with those who don’t know Him or want to know Him?

Help me speak truth in honest, loving ways and may my actions reflet your hands, Jesus.  Align my thoughts with Your will, Lord.  Help me remember that you have this, Lord, and it is written for us to reference when we need it.

Let’s: Open our Bibles, rest in His word, obey His commandments, speak His truth, walk in His path, listen with a discerning heart, and reach out in His love –Love God, Love others.

By Ann Krause,

Spiritual Ministry Team Member


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