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Romans 13:11-12  And do this, understanding the present time. The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.

Contrary to the spiritual shift seen across the globe, God calls us to understand the present time and NOT ignore its reality in an apathetic or lethargic manner. I have read several recent articles that express that the focus of the American church has moved to a non-prophetic view, a here and now worldview without a view of how what one does today effects their eternal future.

Let’s define some terms from the of the above passage:

understanding = eidō: knowing, to see literally and figuratively, the perfect tense of to know, be aware, behold, consider, look, perceive.

present = ēdē: even now, already, by this time.

time = kairos: occasion, set or proper time, always, opportunity, due season.

the hour has come = hōra: it is high time, day, instant, season, eventide

wake up = egeirō: through the idea of collecting one’s faculties, rouse from sleep – sitting – lying – disease – death – obscurity – inactivity – ruins – stand – take up.

slumber = hupnos: (where we get our English word hypnosis from) through the idea of deep – sleep – spiritual lethargy.

put aside = apotithēmi: cast off, lay aside – down

deeds = ergon: toil, effort, occupation, act labor, work

darkness = skotos: shadiness, obscurity, error, adumbration – that is done in the shadows

armor = hoplon: to be busy about, implement, offensive utensil or tool for war, weapon

light = phōs: to shine, manifest, illumination, fire

So, when you put all the meanings together, and look at the context of the passage, God is telling us that we are to know exactly what is going on in this age, and that it is not a time to coast spiritually, and it is the season of our salvation (rescue

and deliverance) is very near. One cannot afford to be asleep spiritually, to treat prophecy with contempt or in a light manner. And as many passages indicate, working out our salvation with fear and trembling, being about the Master’s business, living as though Christ will come back at any moment, watching, and guarding. Since this is true, no longer should incognito iniquity be part of a believer’s life; rather, the believer should shun shadiness and even be on the offense in the war of the world on souls… in fact one should be shining, manifesting and full of Holy Spirit fire, all the more, as the Day of the Lord draws near.

As a very dear friend and sister in Christ used to say “I have questions”… I do, and so here they are:

What are you doing to take of the deeds of darkness, to come out of the shadows, and step into the light, to be the light, and to live the light?

How does the knowledge of Christ’s return compel you? I mean – are you so deep in spiritual sleep that you cannot hear the Spirit’s leading?

How on fire for the LORD, His Word, His work are you?

Do you understand the times? Or do you hold God’s Prophetic Word in contempt?

Well, I hope this wake’s you up and gets you ready for THE day, for the night is far spent and the Son is coming!

By Jesus’ Grace and Light,

Pastor Daren

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