Sing to the Lord ~ By Ann Krause, Spiritual Ministry Team Member

We’ve all heard of the power of music to the human spirit – the positivity of music to children’s development and I’ve personally experienced the power of music to an individual as they prepared for their last breath and meeting their savior face to face. Music allow us to jointly affirm Jesus’ place in our lives or His saving grace in times of conflict and confusion.
As we gather together and are preparing our hearts; as we wait for worship to begin – page through the hymnal and peruse the messages of hope, love, forgiveness, freedom in Christ, perseverance , revival, grace – the list goes on.
Our voices rise up to God as He reaches down to us for our daily needs. Our God is so good – so righteous – so merciful. (I think there’s a song for that.)
Whether you enjoy the foundational music of the faith or the contemporary praise songs of today – God has inspired people to write it in the “form of therapy to our souls.” Physically our body changes- lower heart rate, lower blood pressure and stress hormones – elevation of mood and dopamine and hormones to help us relax. Add to that, tonal qualities of music, the words of scripture and our ability to memorize the Word of God, all are enhanced.
Perhaps there is a reason the birds sing, the frogs croak, the honey bee buzzes- it’s to remind us there is a pulse of creation, to remind us of God’s presence – NOT to worship those things but to be mindful of the presence of God in His creation and in our world that surrounds us.
Whether you raise your voice in song and your soul with praise – carry His word in your heart, His love in your words, His service in your hands, His forgiveness in your attitude. Carry Christ with you – carry Christ in the music of your soul – and sing to the Lord a new song each day

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