The Bride of Christ

              A while back, the Pastor gave a very thought provoking sermon about how we, as the church, and the bride of Christ and about preparing ourselves for our wedding day. I went home and I thought about, “how does one prepare for such a glorious event?” It’s a little overwhelming to think that the “King of the universe has asked me to be His bride and that I’ve actually been chosen by His father to fill this role, wow! How exciting is that?” I can hardly wrap my head around it. The first thing I need to do, the most important thing, is to make sure that I accept His proposal! I certainly don’t want an opportunity like this to pass me by! Imagine, little old me, the bride of a Kind! And not just any king, “The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.” What an honor! And He told me that He has purchased for me the most beautiful gown that I could ever imagine, clothed in His very own righteousness, I want to be very careful and make sure that I don’t get it soiled before the wedding day. And invitations, I want to make sure and send out lots of invitations because I want all my family and friends to be there! I need to get busy because the big day is quickly approaching and I want to be ready! His Father is making all the arrangements for the banquet. He’s even giving us a week long getaway at a very luxurious resort (His Father is a very wealthy man). There’s even horseback riding there, how fun!

How well do I know this man that I’m about to marry? His friends all say that He’s a kind man, a loving man, a gentle man. I want to make sure that I’m spending time with him to get to know Him personally, to know His likes and His dislikes, so that I can be a good wife to him. (I think I’ll bring some fruit to the banquet because I know he loves fruit.)

Marrying into royalty is a bit daunting, after all, I’m just a plain old country gal with little to no experience in such things, sometimes, to be honest, I don’t even know what He sees in me, Bu He’s not the kind of man who’s impressed with status or standing, He loves me for who I am on the inside. But understanding my anxiety, His Father has even provided me with a wedding coach, a helper, who can instruct me in how to properly conduct and carry myself so I don’t appear foolish, and for this I am so grateful, because lets face it, I can be a little rough around the edges at times. I want to make sure that I’m playing close attention to Him so that I can learn how to speak properly and act properly. But I know that once the Big day arrives and I look into the gentle, loving eyes of my bridegroom, all my anxiety will fade away because I know He truly loves me and I feel such a peace whenever I am with Him. He even smells amazing! (Psalm 45:8) Which reminds me, I need to pick up some perfume because I want to smell good too (Psalm 141:2).

What a wonderful day it will be! The music, the flowers, the dancing, the wine (I’ve tasted the wine and it’s amazing). I can hardly wait! We’ll finally be able to move into that new house He’s been building for us (he’s a carpenter you know, and a very good one) so I’m sure it will be beautiful. And I’ll be able to start my new life with the man that I know I’m meant to be with, I can’t wait, It’s gonna be great!


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