“Through Their Message” Radio Devotional
with Ronda Cooper
“I Love You, O Lord, My Strength”
“Show Me”
“Ouch! That Hurts!
“All The Days of My Life”
“That Speaks”
“Only The Name”
“Prepare Ye the Way”

“Faithfulness and the Redeemed”

“Third Sunday of Advent”
“Hear Us, Hear Me Oh Lord”
“With Eagerness”
“The Race”
“Get Who Gets You”
“No Pleasure in Evil”
“Come Out”
“The Shepherd”
“They, We, I”
“The Beginning of Birth Pains”
“Taken Captive”
“Miracles and Prayers Water into Wine”
“Miracles and Prayers the Nobleman’s Son”
“Miracles and Prayers A Sabbath Walk”
“Miracles and Prayer in Hunger”
“Miracles and Prayer Walking on Water Staying Focused”
“Morning Comes”
“Born Blind”
“At Peace With Him”
“To the Church in Laodicea”
“A Call to Repentance”
“I Know the Plans I Have for You”
Fear 3

“What Say You”

“It Is Because This People”

“Like a Little Child”

“The Word of the Lord”

“Embrace Wisdom”

“From the Heavens”
“Lies, Lying, Liars”
“Proverbs 9”
“Often Times”
“I Am With You Always”
“Create in Me a New Hear and Renew a Right Spirit Within Me”
“Capable Men”
“Only His Blood”
“A Time Such as This”
“From on High”
“To Know and Understand Times”
“Lord, Who am I to Question Your Word”
“The Prayer Built on Faith”
“Have Mercy on Me”
“Breaking the Grip of a Sorrowful Heart”
“At Peace With Him 2 Peter”
“For a Purpose”
“Made Flesh”
“New Beginning”
“Shew Thyself”
“To Whom Vengeance Belongs”
“These are the Times”
“Breaking Covenant”
“The Word of the Lord Jeremiah”
“Grace Falling”
“Of Being a Seed”
“His Glory and Our Benefit”
“Grace and the Law”
“Are We Ready Yet”
“The Art of Deception”
“Beginning in Jerusalem”
“Born Blind”
“What Can I Do”
“Disciple or Player”
“A Time”
“Two Nations Part 1”
“Two Nations Part 2”
“What You Wear Does Matter”