Through the Grays

Through the Grays

Matthew 5:37 All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.

James 5:12 Above all, my brothers and sisters, do not swear—not by heaven or by earth or by anything else. All you need to say is a simple “Yes” or “No.” Otherwise you will be condemned.

In a world full of duplicity and two-footed stances, double-speak and forked tongues – many go gray in matters of utmost importance and necessity. And though society is by choice this way; the Christian is not to straddle the land and sea, attempting each foots planting in opposite and opposing directions.

Oh, the plight of the Gray’s Mr. Nod Yes – N – No

and his wife May-Be-So.

When it was time come or to go

They cannot decide whether to travel to or fro.


It is a dangerous time to not know the Way

For if you don’t – one trod through the grays

Nor then or now at their days end

Will they be standing true, but just in pretend.


The one of fences and canyons decisions

Snare of man, in fear brought on them derision.

For they were not fit for hell nor heaven

And the evil one baked them through with leaven


No black or white, yes or no,

but it was always perhaps or maybe so

So back and forth they travelled for years

Sullen and sorrowful a life of tears


They, never a distance or destination made very far

As the rut they rough shod started in the middle par

From one side returned to the other next

Only a mile with which step mor vexed.


They settled center unchanged and stale

Sitting still in life through gray veil

No difference they made, nor boat they did rock

Moderate and agreeing what each passer by spoke


Dying and fading there through the gray

Never making mark, other than the same trip each day.

Telling everyone what each one want to hear and to say

Through gray veil there grave stone stands to this day.


One day, in a time of past memory, days standing before the Chasm of Compromise, were Yes – N – No and May -Be So’s sons, named Easy Going and his  two brothers Af-firmation and Double Mind. Their friends, Resolved and Unswerving of the family Determination were also standing on the precipice of the divide before them. On the chasm’s one side, known as Confirmation Cliff; and on the other was Tolerance Talus. In the vast span, hovering steeply over the gorge’s swift Abysmal River was a thin but sturdy wooden bridge, comprised of solid true oaken square cornered planks with imbedded jeweled treads, to prevent slipping off to the left or right. It was suspended by pure cordage strengthened by threads of gold and silver. This narrow bridge was named after its builder – Prudence Wisdom’s Crossing.


Just a little further down Chasm was a much wider bridge, it was not suspended like the other, but had a base of sand with one triangular column placed right in the middle of Abysmal River. Upon the column was a round shale flat stone balanced yet teetering just a bit. Someone years ago tried to sure up where the pinnacle met the platform with green wood sticks that flexed when anyone walked upon it to cross the Chasm of Compromise. The broader bridge was likewise named after its builder – Perfidy Middleton’s Overpass.


The fear of Abysmal river below and the Chasm of Compromise’s sheer sides seemed to thicken the air about them. The size and width of Perfidy Middlestone’s Overpass allured Easy Going, Af-firmation and Double Mind – while at the same time the mere prospect of the slim suspended bridge caused a fright of shiver at the sight of Prudence Wisdom’s Crossing. Yet little did they know that appearances and accommodations wide are treacherous and tippy.


Resolve and Unswerving were made of sterner stuff, and decided to not let these things effect the direction they set out to go. For you see, just across the Chasm Compromise was a place settled, restful and refreshing. It was called Integrity Meadow. A place of all good things – for that those who walk that way will never be kept from.


Sadly, as Easy Going, Af-firmation and Double Mind set out to cross Perfidy Middlestone’s Overpass from Confirmation Cliff, it began to slant down with their weight. So, they hastened to the middle and noticed that the round shale flat stone settled out. They then attempted to move towards Tolerance Talus and down again the shale flat stone tippled about and they ran back to the middle. To this day they have been stuck out there, fearful of Abysmal River, afraid of going towards Confirmation Cliff or Tolerance Talus…. Oh many called out to them, some attempted to remind and persuade them to finish the course and cross in courage – after all they did make it across to the middle, and if the fear did not overcome them, could have steadily and speedily moved on, though with terrible difficulty.


Resolve and Unswerving, face the fear of the Abysmal River and found the sure-footed bridge of Prudence Wisdom’s Crossing a settled and steady traverse to Integrity Meadow. Though the mist of Abysmal River touched their noses and wet their brow, the winds of the waves of Opinions Ocean, the source of the Abysmal River, swept at the bridge…. The golden silver threaded cordage sturdied the jewel laden planks, and the planks laden with jewels steadied Resolve and Unswerving s feet. After the Chasm of Compromise was crossed, Confirmation Cliff and Tolerance Talus were behind them, just up ahead was Integrity Meadow.


Now – you may or may not like an allegorical story that is presenting spiritual truth…. But the lessons contained within this parable of truth and its Biblical realties are hard to miss….


Each one of us have face the challenge of compromise and pleasing others above God. Some fail and end up stuck or in an abysmal place of living without integrity – any everyone around them knows it. Others stay the course, mean what they say, and are listening to the evil one, but rather come to living in a good place, known for honesty and integrity. The passages of Scripture above remind us the need to not be double minded, have double standards, and not to tell everyone what they want to hear…. If more Christians stood this way, and especially in the Truth of God’s Word and what He wants – their reputation and witness would bring many to that same place. Remember the truth is narrow and the narrow gate is the way to God, and Jesus is that gate, and the narrow road is to walk in His truth.


Hoping to See You in Integrity Meadow,
Pastor D.L. Barnett

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