Why Does the Church Not Make an Impact for the Gospel?

Who understands why the church doesn’t make an impact for the Gospel in their communities?

What is the reason Christian’s lives end up in such sinful states that they look no different than non-Christians lives?

When will God’s people start listening to the biblical truth again and leave behind the falsehoods taking us captive?

Why do so many followers of Christ get led away and astray so easily in their personal and public lives?

How can many believers fall prey to the cultural mandates and mores, affirming and approving what God doesn’t?


The answer is found within the Book of Revelation! Chapters Two and Three are devoted to seven specific churches and their characteristics… though they existed in ancient times when Apostle Paul evangelized the Gentile world and established the churches, under direct Divine direction… their characteristics, if you will, are still alive and well today; or as John of Patmos was given Jesus’ own words and thoughts on each: unloving, unrepentant, satanic, sexually immoral, idolatrous, lukewarm and are dead spiritually…


Oh – Jesus had good to say about some, and only good about others; but he had nothing good to say about two of them…


  • the first one held to the truth and could spot a counterfeit Christian a mile away but abandon their first love, that is simple devotion and love of Jesus


  • the second one was spiritually rich even faced persecution, prison and perishing with faithfulness


  • the third Jesus mentions they have not denied faith in Him, but some place stumbling blocks of sexual immorality and idolatry to get others to fall for selfish gain


  • the fourth has love, faith, service and endurance, and they do more than ever – but they do something horrible through tolerance of a woman that proclaims to be prophetess and teaches satanic things posing as godly things, even never repenting of sexual immorality and sorcery


  • Jesus points out the fifth congregation to has an almost dead faith barely alive, incomplete in its purpose and work and will be left behind when he comes for the whole church if they do not repent


  • The sixth is a goodly and godly little gathering of born again believers – not at all insinuating only small churches are godly or that small churches are all good, some alas are like the former mentioned congregations and may be small because of it… but this church is true to Jesus and His Word, and the Lord will make all others admit about them, that they are a tried and true church – quite the opposite of the slander and gossip spread about them


  • The seventh and final church; well – nothing good is said about their lukewarm puke inducing nature that Jesus ready to throw up. They are a compromising to the culture church, never wanting to offend anyone, accepting and affirming anything and everything… unrefined and unmoved – indifferent to the things of God and friends with the world… Jesus is even waiting for them to open the door and let Him in


Look again at those questions that are at the top of the page… If we take to heart the condemnation and the commendation of Christ as mentioned personally by Him in The Book of Revelation – We will not be duped, deterred, detoured or dead – rather we will be and become the church God Christian(s) and congregation God means for us to be… If there be anything needed repentance of; do not delay for Jesus’ is coming again, and at that soon very soon – for the He will not delay on that day to bring His salvation and His judgement…


Preparing and Readying, Looking and Longing for His Appearing,

Remember – God Loves You and So Do I,

Pastor D.L. Barnett

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